Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I had for Lunch today?

Incase anyone is wondering, I had a nice Milk Tea with Large Bobo from Lollicup, spent some time with a few friends of mine at Metropolis Comix and then went to Good ol' Hawaiian BBQ for some Chicken Katsu.

I wonder why they call it Katsu in the first place? Sounds like "Chicken Catch You". :D


  1. The hawaiian bbq sounds nice
    the only thing we have up here in michigan like that is a mongolian bbq

    following and supporting

  2. Mongolian BBQ is good too. Do you have Lollicup out there?

  3. Not sure what any of that is, but good to hear it!

  4. This still makes me hungry haha. I should really order a pizza

  5. maan, now i need to make something to eat =D