Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Climber falls 1,000 feet and lives!

Adam Potter, a 35-year-old mountain climber, is lucky to be alive.
This past Saturday, Potter fell about 1,000 feet after he lost his footing near the summit of Sgurr Choinnich Mor, a Scottish mountain. Potter didn't just survive the fall -- when rescuers found him, the adventurer was "standing up and reading a map."
Potter was standing on an icy part of the mountain when he slipped and began his terrifying fall. The other climbers saw him tumble and quickly alerted authorities. While the search and rescue helicopter was being deployed, Potter was falling down a nearly vertical cliff at a frightening level of speed.
When the rescuers found Potter, they couldn't believe their eyes. At the bottom of the cliff, the man stood on his own two feet, examining his map, as if to say, "Now, where did I take that wrong turn?" In fact, the rescue team thought they might be looking at the wrong guy. Lieutenant Tim Barker remarked, "We honestly thought it couldn't be him, as he was on his feet, reading a map. It seemed impossible."

Wanting to be sure, the crew retraced its steps, and found bits of Potter's vertical line along the cliffs. It was then that they were sure. According to a piece from the AFP, Potter was clearly shaken up by the time rescuers got to him: "He was said to be 'shaking from extreme emotional shock and the sheer relief at still being alive.'"
Amazingly, Potter only suffered minor injuries, including some superficial cuts and bruises and a "minor chest injury." He is recovering in a Glasgow hospital.

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  1. haha, a minor chest injury, I hope I have his luck in the future!