Sunday, February 20, 2011

People & Power - Blood and dust

This video contains violent material, please take caution before viewing.


I know it's a little long but it's definitely worth watching.

This video has left a lasting feeling within myself. You never realize just
how much these soldiers do to save another human life. It also makes me
realize just how cruel and stupid war can be. I don't understand why it
has to come down to something of this extent. There are other ways
to solve issues besides killing each other. Sure, other animals in nature kill
each other but they do it for more important things. They do it for food, they
do it for mating, survival of their kin. We do it for things that don't even exist.
We do it for money, we do it for power. We even do it for political points to be
proven. I for one, am against war in every aspect of the term. Not to say I
wont defend myself or those I care for but I won't go so far as to take another
human life.

I heard a quote from a movie once, it's stuck with me. It went something like
"Fighting without weapons may not win you every fight, but you'll be alive."


  1. Reminds me of playing a medic in TF2 lol. If only they had that healing gun.

  2. very emotional video. thanks for sharing.

  3. Al Jazeera seems like it's the only one doing actual news stories these days

  4. war sucks, cant imagine being in a situation like that

  5. wow, that's crazy they have eachothers backs like that, i dig it.

  6. Holly sh*t dude! This is very very interesting!
    I just love inside war videos. I love Al Jazeera, that is the only one who do really gods docs about the war.

    Loved this post! Keep them coming!

  7. you should watch the documentary restrepo if you havent yet

  8. being a medic is one of the most honorable jobs one can take.

    if only we didn't need them.

  9. "Only the dead have seen the end of war."

  10. "Only the dead have seen the end of war."

  11. I've always hated war. It's always the same... always the struggle for power, money.. with the interest of their people at the very bottom.
    War is the reminder that people are f*cked up

  12. One day, war will get taken to new levels, and the atrocities of yesteryear will seem almost generous.

    The people telling their soldiers to go kill each other are the ones who never end up dying for their own objectives.

    Murder is illegal in every country, but if war is declared, it stops being legally wrong against certain people. How sensible...

    War is so frustrating it makes me want to kill someone.... oh wait.