Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Has anyone seen Epic Beard Man?

A 67-year-old man with a T-shirt declaring himself "a mother*#***r" bloodied a younger man in a Muni bus fight in Oakland on Monday, and the video was posted to YouTube Tuesday.
While this incident happened in the East Bay, the tiff is reminiscent of not one but two YouTubed fights on Muni lines in San Francisco last year.
In this video, the older man, who says he's 67, exchanged words with the much younger passenger at the back of the bus -- the argument centered around a misunderstanding over a comment made when the two younger man boarded the bus.
The older man walked away but continued to talk with the younger passenger, who followed the old man to the front of the bus and appeared to throw a punch. The old man responded with a flurry of fists, leaving the younger man bent over on the ground with blood dripping from his face and covering seats.
The older gentlemen wore a light blue t-shirt that reads "I am a mother*#**r." After the fight, he walked off the bus while the younger man deals with his injuries, including a fairly bloody face


  1. That video was pretty inspiring. It tells me that people shouldn't act cocky, they are always looked down upon. plus the guy shouldn't have been starting stuff with the oldman

  2. i guess he was a mothereffer.


  3. Yup, I saw this m-f*cker ;]

    Following and supporting,

  4. Ah I remember this guy, goodness that's been a while. He got lots of news coverage

  5. Someone call the amber lamps!! This was funny.

  6. This has definitely happened before...I remember another violent encounter on a bus with a bearded gentleman...perhaps the same one??!?

  7. hes off the hook.