Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Could the Nintendo 3DS's technology lead to the Wii 2?

Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian believes 3DS's worldwide rollout over the next couple of months could pave the way for a new Wii console in 2012.

In a research note distributed yesterday, Sebastian cited "Google and (just maybe) Nintendo" as his picks for 2011's winners in the games space.

"We expect a strong 2011 launch for Nintendo's 3DS, which offers game-play and video playback differentiated from existing portable devices," he said.

"We believe that initial popularity of 3DS will offset recent steep declines in DS sales, and could also set the stage for a debut of a new Wii in 2012."

Sebastian continued: "However, we would also anticipate the adoption of 3D technology in Android handhelds in the future.

"Additionally, we see Google as another likely winner in the video game market in 2011, given the rapid increase in Android device sales, and the potential for Google (along with Apple) to open up a new market for game apps on connected TVs."

Fellow analyst Michael Pachter suggested last month that Nintendo has "completely blown it" with its Wii 2 strategy by waiting too long to launch a successor to the original console.

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  1. I really hope so, because I'm sick and tired of getting the crappier version of games that the xbox or ps3 get. But I doubt it, besides innovating the interface it's not like nintendo's a fan of creating better technology